Consider a leave application like a piece of paper (like a leave application form). Once you have filled & submitted the leave application form, if your manager has already signed (approved) it - how will you edit the leave application form? You cannot right?

Just the same way, once you have applied for a leave on sumHR, and if your manager has already approved it - you cannot edit it. However, if you would like to apply for another leave during those same dates, you can do the following:

  1. Ask your manager (who approved your leave), to click on the "Revoke Button" (appears on the same leave application page, after it has been approved)
  2. Once revoked, you can now Re-apply for another leave for the same dates, as per your requirement.


The important concept to understand here is: 
  • Any leave which is not yet Approved/Declined - is considered to be in "Open/Pending" state. Till the leave is in Open/Pending state, the leave applicant (employee/you), can Revoke the leave yourself, if you changed your mind about it. 
  • However, once the leave has been Approved/Declined already, the power to take it back shifts to the Manager. Hence, ONLY the manager can Revoke it.