What is the Weekly Off?

Weekly Off is basically a day during the week when the employee is not expected to work or take his work position at the workplace. 

Weekly Offs are a very common practice in organizations which have a majority of desk jobs. However, a lot of organizations which work 24 hour schedules or which have business running on weekends too, don't have the typical Weekly Off cycles. They may or may not have any fixed Weekly Off but instead they'd be following a scheduled Weekly Off method every week.

Why are there Weekly Off(s)?

Weekly Offs are basically meant to give workers a "break" in their work routine. It's a natural solution the human body and mind will look for after an arduous schedule of work carried out during the week. A lot of research carried out in several countries and at various levels has concluded that this "break" is absolutely necessary for reasons like:

  • Rejuvenating energies of an individual to make him/her positively productive after the Weekly Off(s)
  • Giving the worker some time off work to be with his/her family/loved ones
Of course, scientifically there may be more reasons and practical necessities for the Weekly Off. 

Which days are Weekly Offs?
There is no specific rule which an organization can follow when deciding its Weekly Off day(s) in the week. The decision to choose the days on which your organization will have its Weekly Off(s) depends on several factors such as:
  • Cultural, regional, geographical aspects
  • The kind of industry the organization is in (eg: Banking, Security, Hospitality, etc)
  • Nature of work an individual is carrying out in the organization