What is an IP address?

Every machine connected to any network, whether it's a laptop, PC, printer, or a smartphone, always has a unique identifier. This identifier is the address of that machine on the network and it's called its IP address. So, just as we would address a letter to a postal address before sending it via mail, computers use IP Addresses to identify where/who to send and receive information to or from on a network. 

Hence, the router which acts as a gateway between your office LAN network and the internet world, is identified via an IP address(es). Every time someone from your office LAN network connects to the internet, the machine they use for connected is identified via an IP address on your LAN. 

What are IP restrictions on sumHR?

sumHR lets you define your office LAN IP address inside your sumHR account such that no other IP addresses (outside your office LAN network) are allowed to perform online attendance logging (clocking in/out).

This way, you can ensure that every employee who wishes to clock in or out, has to do it from a computer that's present in office.