Just like it is in the Attendance Shifts & Policies, and also in the Weekly Off features, the IP Addresses are also supposed to be assigned at employee (user) level. 

This means, once you have created/defined the IP address networks, you need to assign the network to each employee (individually or in bulk), in order for sumHR to keep a check on their IP address when they clock-in/out for the day.

How to assign IP addresses to employees for online attendance?

  • Log into your sumHR account and click on Directory (left navigation). 


  • Search and select the employee for whom you'd like to assign the IP address
    • You can bulk select employees too. However, you'll be able to assign IP address in bulk ONLY if all selected employees will have the same Clocking Priority + Shift + Policy + Weekly Off cycle
  • Click on More Options
  • Click on Assign Shifts & Weekly Off

  • On the next pop-up you'll see the option to define the IP Network 
    • Ensure you've also selected the right Clock-in priority + Shift + Policy + Weekly Off cycle too


  • Once done, click Save

Now the selected employee(s) will only be able to clock-in and out from the defined IP addresses.