There are some important points you need to understand about Biometric attendance, conceptually

  • If you have been enrolled on your biometric device, you can put your fingerprint every day for clocking in and out of office
  • These in/out times are logged into the device and stored for a long long time
  • If your online account shows you're Absent, but you are sure that you clocked in/out on your biometric device, you need not worry
    • it's most likely that your Administrator has not synced the biometric device logs with your online account yet
  • If you clocked into the biometric device later than the time you actually walked into the office, you can always send a Clock-In request on the same day or an Update Attendance Request on a later day

What to ask your Administrator to do?

  • Administrators have access to a desktop application on one of the computers in your office LAN
  • This application can fetch new attendance logs from the biometric device and upload/sync it with every employee's online sumHR Account
  • If the sync-app is not run, the biometric logs remain in the biometric device. The online account remains blank, and sumHR will treat employees with no-logs as Absent
  • However, as soon as these logs are synced, sumHR will automatically update the logs in your online account and change the Absent mark into a Present mark
So, you just need to ask the Administrator to ensure that all attendance logs are synced, and up-to-date.