This is one of the most commonly required information. Employees often end up sending a message or email to their HR team, asking for "how many leaves do I have?", "what's my current leave balance?", etc. This tends to take a lot of unnecessary time out of the HR team members day. 

sumHR makes all this and other important leave information easily available to each employee. No more guesses, no more obligations, and no more 'requests' to HR teams for more info.

To check everything about your company's leave policies, your current leave credit and how many leaves are available in your account at the moment, just follow the below steps:

  • Go to Leaves (left navigation, under HR Tools)

  • On your Leaves page, you will get the below information 
    • Leave Policies: You wil see all leave policies you are eligible to
      • Policy Details: Click on each leave policy, to know more details about the policy rules
    • Leave balance: A easy to understand counter will show your leave balance as of today, for each leave policy
    • Public Holiday List: Here you can view a list of all public holidays you are eligible to, which your company has defined before hand
    • Leave History: This table will give you snapshot of the number of leaves you have taken this year, for each leave policy

Apart from this, on the Leaves page you can also scroll down and view each leave application you have made so far. You can filter these into
  • Your own leave applications
  • Applications that you received (others' leave applications which you're part of)