This is a very useful option when you're new to sumHR and you're setting up your employee database here. Adding one employee at a time, especially if you've got tens/hundreds of them, can be practically impossible. 

So, to add multiple employees in bulk, all at once, you can use our Import feature, as follows.

  • Go to Setup Company (left navigation, under Manage) >> Employees (under Import)

  • Download the template file provided there
    • it's a download link, in the help-text explaining the import process (the template is attached with this answer too)
    • Supported input file types: Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

  • Fill out the file with all the required fields (marked in red on the template)
    • Make sure you've not got any extra formatting in the Excel file, like bold, italics, or formulas, etc.
    • Keep it as clean and clear/text as possible
  • When uploading the file on this page, don't forget to check the box which asks if you've got the first row as field names

  • Once uploaded, click on Upload
  • Now, sumHR will show you a preview of the uploaded data. 
    • You can then define which column goes where, ignore unwanted columns, and much more.
  • Once you're happy with the preview you can upload the data into your sumHR account. 
    • You can cancel the importing at any time too
  • As soon as the Import is finished, you will see the successful imports displayed on the next screen
    • You may also see Errors in Import displayed underneath the successful imports
    • If you can, then rectify the errors and Click on "Resolved errors, try importing again"

If you follow the above steps, all the employees profiles which get imported into sumHR receive an email notifying their account activation and welcoming them aboard your Company's new sumHR account!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please avoid trying this method all by yourself, unless you are double sure about the steps you're taking. We generally recommend coordinating with our team in all Import actions. This will help reduce errors and avoid any complications with your account later.