No. As a security measure, we have not given any option for the Admin to delete an employee from the system. 

This is done because:

  • Any employee could have a history of activities in his/her account, like Leaves, Attendance, Messages, Requests, etc. 
  • And several of these activities might be connected with other employees. 
  • If we delete the employee, each of these activities and any calculations associated with them (like leave/attendance calculations), will go for a toss! :)
Hence, we don't let you 'delete' any employee, per se.
However, if the employee is leaving your organization, you can always Deactivate the employee.

Click here to know: How do I deactivate an employee? 

Friendly tip: In case the employee is added by mistake, you can always turn the employee profile into a Dummy profile and use that profile in future when you have another new-employee joining your team. 

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