Before we get into "How to assign Employee Types", we need to remember 2 import points mentioned below:

  1. Employee Types are assigned at user level (i.e. employee level). 
    This means: You can create unlimited number of Employee Types, but each employee has to be assigned his/her respective employee type on their profile.
  2. Editing/Changing an existing Employee Type, will affect ALL employees who're already assigned that Employee Type
    This means: You are allowed to edit any existing Employee Type at any time, but always keep in mind that any changes to the employee type will affect the employees who're already assigned that Employee Type.

Instructions to Assign Employee Type - Individual basis

  1. Go to the Directory (left navigation 2nd link)

  1. Search and select the specific employee you would like to change the employee type for
  2. Click More Options, click Edit Profile
    *alternately, you can also directly search for the name of the employee in the top search bar and land on the employee profile

  1. Change employee type from the dropdown available there
  2. Select "Update Personal"



Once you've saved this, that particular employee's profile will now be assigned your selected Employee Type

Instructions to Assign Employee Types - In Bulk to Multiple/Many Employees
  1. Go to the Directory (left navigation 2nd link)
  2. Search and check the boxes next to all the required employees, to whom you wish to assign the Employee Type
    *make sure all selected employees are going to be assigned the same Employee Type.
  3. Click on "Bulk Actions" (right on top above the alphabet list)
  4. Select "Update Employee Type"


  1. In the pop up window that appears, you will see all the employee types you've created, so select the one you'd like to assign
  2. Save
Once you've saved this, all the selected employees' profiles will now be assigned the Employee Type you selected.