Go to "Setup Company" (under Manage, Left Navigation bar) >> click Log Options (Under Attendance). Once on the Log Options page, click the ‘Create IP’ button to begin the process.


Now you'll see a short/quick form, so fill it out as per below fields:

  • Network Name: anything you'd like to call it. Name it something you can easily identify when assigning it to employees
  • IP Address From/To: The IP address details used in your office 
    • Note: The From field is mandatory and the To field is optional, because you're allowed to add a minimum of 1 IP address (which needs to be in the From field). But that 1 IP address can expand into a range, hence the To field
    • This way you can also define a range of IP addresses to count as allowed.
    • For example: FROM >> TO
  • Submit

That's it, once you submit/save this network you've got a IP network registered in sumHR. Now you'll have to make sure the right/relevant employees have been assigned this network. 

Go here to understand, How do I assign IP addresses to employees for online attendance logging?