Before we get into "how to create Attendance Shifts", we need to remember 2 import points mentioned below:

  1. Attendance Shifts are assigned at user level (i.e. employee level). 
    This means: You can create unlimited number of Attendance Shifts, but each Attendance Shift will function only when it is "assigned to the desired/required employee". If an Attendance Shift is created but not assigned, it's as good as a clock without hands. :)
  2. Editing an existing Attendance Shift, will affect ALL employees who're already assigned that Shift
    This means: You are allowed to edit any existing Attendance Shift at any time, but always keep in mind that any changes to the Shift will affect the employees who're already assigned that Shift.

Follow the below instructions to create Attendance Shifts:

  • Go to Setup Company under Administration section in your left navigation pane


  • Under Attendance section, click on Shifts

  • On this page, click on Create Shift Button

  • Now you'll see the Attendance Shift Form, which let's you define your policy.


Here's a quick explanation of the different fields you need to use to define the Shift:

  • Shift name: a unique name given to the Shift. You should keep a name that will help you identify the Shift in future and also make it easy to assign it to the right employees.
  • Shift begin time: here you can select the time which would be considered the "start" time for this particular shift.
  • Shift end times: here you can specify the time at which the shift would "end", per se.
    • Night shift: In case the Shift End Time is falling after 12 a.m. (on the next calendar date), then you should check this box to signify that it's a night shift.