To Assign a Reporting Manager to any employee, you can follow the below steps

  1. Go to the Directory (left navigation 2nd link)

  1. Search and click on the employee for whom you need to assign the manager
  2. Click on "More Options"
  3. Select "Change Manager"




  1. in the pop up window that appears, select the employee who has to be assigned as the manager for this employee and submit

That's it! Now you can check whether the employee is showing correctly in the reporting hierarchy by going to "Org Structure" (left navigation, 4th link).

NOTE: If you wish to assign Reporting Managers to a large number of employees, you can do it in Bulk when you're importing the employees into sumHR using a spreadsheet. To learn more about Bulk Importing employees, go hereHow to add multiple employees at once (bulk importing employees into sumHR)