This is probably the first and most common thing you'll be doing on sumHR every day. To clock-in/clock out, please follow the below steps when logged into your sumHR account:

  • Go to your Dashboard (most likely the first page you'll land upon logging in)
  • You'll see a GREEN colored "Clock In" button
  • Click on it and you've "Clocked In" for the day. 



    • now you'll notice button will turn RED in color.
    • below the button, you'll see the 'last clock-in' bar update with the time of your clock-in
  • Similarly, when you wish to "Clock Out" for the day, simply click on the RED button
    • as soon as you "Clock Out" you'll notice the button turns green again. 
    • and next to the 'last clock-in' bar, the 'last clock-out' bar will have the time you clocked out

[Things To Remember]:
  • You can close the browser, it will not change your Clock-In time. The clock will continue to tick.
  • You can log out of your sumHR account, it will not affect your Clock-In time. 
  • You can also shut down your computer, it's not related to the Clock-In time at all.
  • Our system only takes into account the First Clock-In and Last Clock-Out, as the start and end of your day's attendance
  • During the day, if you Clock-Out for a few mins/hours and Clock back In, our system will consider this duration in between as your "break time". It will not be counted in your Total Work Duration.

HELP: "I don't see any Clock-In/Out button on my Dashboard"
  • This will happen only if you have not been assigned a shift yet
  • The first thing you should do in such cases is to contact your company's HR person or the Administrator of your company's sumHR account - and ask them to assign a shift to you
  • In case your Administrator doesn't know how to create shifts, forward them to this page:
    How do I create shifts and assign them to employees?