You can easily export all the leave data that has accumulated in your company's sumHR account. To do this, simply:

  • Go to your Administration section ("Setup Company", left navigation lower half)


  • Click on Leaves under the Export Section (center column, lower half)


  • On the Leaves Export page, you will see a drop down to select "Duration"
  • Select your desired Duration for which you'd like to Export the Leaves data
  • Click on the blue button Download


As soon as you click the Download button, you will receive an option to Open/Save the Leaves Data Export Spreadsheet file (depending on which operation system you're using). 

Though using spreadsheets is contrary to our beliefs here at sumHR, we do admit they're quite useful in many cases. You can optimize and maximize the use of this spreadsheet by trying the below idea out
  • Click on any of the cells in the 1st Row (top row)
  • Leave it highlighted and move to your Keyboard
  • Type the following keys in the below order - but in quick succession
    • "Alt" + "D" + "F" + "F"
This will give you nice little powerful "drop downs" in every top row cell, so that you can sort, filter, search, and do a lot more things with the data. Try it out, we're sure that you'll reduce a lot of the data work you would have done otherwise.

May be you already know this, but it's our duty to help others who don't. :)