When will this option come handy:

  • When you've made a mistake in creating job titles, and created 2 job titles instead of 1. One of them is accurate while the other has a spelling mistake or something like that
  • You've decided to re-organize your team/department/organization hierarchy, and want to merge different job titles into 1
  • You're merging 2 teams into 1

Here's how you can Merge 2 job titles into 1:
  • Go to Setup Company (left navigation, under Manage) >> Job Titles (under Company)
  • Scroll down to the list of Job Titles and find the one you'd like to Merge with another
  • Click Merge
  • In the next pop-up window, you will get the option to Select the Job Title into which you'd like to Merge it
  • Select the desired Job Title and click Merge

Note: Once you've merged, the former Job Title will seize to exist. Also, all employee data between both Job Titles will remain intact, only the Job Title will be merged into 1

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