Whenever someone leaves your organization, whether he/she resigns or you terminate the person's employment - you can deactivate their profile from sumHR too.

Follow the below steps to do this:

  • Go to Directory

  • Select employee you would like to Deactivate



  • Click on More Options >> Deactivate employee

  • This will pop up a window to choose Deactivation options
    • If this employee has reportees, you see an option to select a replacement Reporting Manager who will take over this employees' reportees
    • Choose whether employee has been "Terminated" or he/she "Resigned"
      • Select the suitable reason for Termination/Resignation
    • Specify "Exit Date" to be recorded in this profile

Once done with the above, this employee will no longer be able to access his/her profile. 

Friendly Tip: If this is just a profile added by mistake, and not an actual employee who is terminated or resigned, you can always turn the profile into a Dummy profile. So that in future, when you actually have a new employee joining you, you can use this dummy account for him/her, instead of creating/adding a new employee into sumHR

Click here to see: How can I turn a employee profile into Dummy, for use in future?