Generally you would send an email (before sumHR came into your life) to send in your leave application to your manager and inform your HR team about your leave plans.

Though, when sending an email you might often miss out on some important info. But if you use our Leave application form, there's no chance for missing out on any vital info about your leave plans. 

Here's some help on filling out the leave application form:

  • Recipients: this field shows your manager(s) or any other person your company has defined to receive your leave applications
  • CC field [selector]: in this field, you can add any member of your organization. Whoever you specify here, will also receive the leave application, but they will not be able to approve/decline it. They're just looped-in, as silent spectators
  • Apply leave for someone else [check box + drop down]: if you select this option, you will be able to send this leave application on behalf of any employee who reports to you.
  • Request unpaid leave [check box]: if you'd like to send this leave application as an Unpaid leave, upfront, then check this box
  • Is this half-day leave? [check box]: check this box, if you would like to apply this leave as a half-day
  • Leave type [drop down]: here you can select which type of leave policy is this application for?
  • When [data picker]: this is where you specify the dates for your leave application. 
    • for "today", simply select the today check box
    • If it's a 1 day leave, both From and To will be the same date.
  • Message: In this field you must specify the reason for your leave application
  • Attach file: If you'd like to attach any file along with this leave application (for ex: medical certificate)
  • Apply button

Once you send this leave application, your manage receives an email notification and a request is also updated in their account. Then your manager can view your leave application and decide whether to approve/decline it.