You've spent years at school, college or universities and now it's time to let your colleagues and office-friends know about what you've achieved! To add details about your past education qualifications, just follow the below steps:

  • Go to "Your Name" (right top corner of your screen)
  • Click on "My profile"

Now you will land your own profile page, from where you can edit several details of your profile. 
  • Click on "Add Education Info" button (This will open a small form for adding past work details)
  • Institution Name: the educational institution where you studied
  • Level Of Study: the level of education you studied at (High school, Graduate, Post Graduate, etc)
  • Field Of Study: the academic field you studied in (Commerce, Science, MBA, etc)
  • From Date: the date when your studies commenced
  • To Date: up to the date which this course/study continued
  • Notes: any additional notes worth mentioning
  • Activities: extra curricular activities you were involved in, during your studies in this course
  • Save button

As soon as you save these details, they will started appearing under the Past Education Info in your profile. 
  • Whenever you would like to edit any of your education details, just come back to your Profile page and click on "Edit" next to the education you've mentioned already.