Though often neglected, this information can be crucial in times of emergencies. Also, if be can be very useful when your company provides insurance/medical and other benefits associated with your family/dependents. 

To add or edit your family/dependent details, just follow the below steps::

  • Go to "Your Name" (right top corner of your screen)
  • Click on "My profile"



Now you will land your own profile page, from where you can edit several details of your profile. 
  • Scroll to the "Dependents" section and click on "Add New Dependent"
  • This will open a small form with fields regarding the dependent

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Relation Type: the relationship of this dependent with you
  • Phone No: a contact number of the dependent
  • Date Of Birth of the dependent
  • Address: any valid address which can be used to contact the dependent or stored for the records
  • Save button

As soon as you save this, the dependent details will be visible in your profile. 

NOTE: However, these details are ONLY visible to you and the administrator. Your colleagues cannot see your dependent/family details.