You don't have a sumHR account yet, because of either of these reasons:

  1. Your company is not using sumHR yet. (you're missing out, big time!)
  2. Your company is using sumHR, but the administrator has not added you yet.
  3. Your company is using sumHR and the administrator has added you too, but you've not seen the email OR it's gone to your junk/spam folder

Here are our suggestions to overcome problems for the above 3 points:

(1) Your company is not using sumHR yet:
  • Well, this is not too tough to solve. If you are a decision maker/top management person in your organization, OR you are the HR head of your company, you can signup right away. 
  • If you are a regular employee (not top management/HR) then you can check with your seniors/HR about whether they've seen sumHR yet. 
  • If they don't know about sumHR, ask them to try out our 30 Day Free Trial so they don't have to worry about any obligations. Once you and your colleagues see sumHR, we're sure you'll not want to stop using it!
  • Start your free trial now! 

(2) Your administrator has not added you to the system yet:
  • This could be deliberate, may be he/she is still evaluating the product and not ready to invite all colleagues to sumHR
    • You can always 'show initiative' and ask them to add you to sumHR.
    • Also, you and your team can schedule an online demo from our website 
  • May be they ran out of their trial period and couldn't take a decision yet. Ask the Administrator to Contact us 

(3) Your administrator has added you, but you've not seen the email or it's gone to your junk/spam folder or you deleted that email by mistake:
  • If you've not seen the email yet - well, go check your inbox! (your future is in your.. inbox)
  • If it went to your spam folder, may be you can search and dig it out please? Just a little bit of effort will be worth a lot of stress-free HR management for life! Oh, and don't forget to add our email address to your address book, so that next email doesn't land back in your spam/junk folder
  • If you deleted the welcome-activation email by mistake, don't sweat. Just ask your administrator to "Re-send the Activation Email " to you.