When your company creates a sumHR account, the administrator specifies the sub-domain (site) as your official sumHR Account URL. This is generally your company's brand name. 

So, for example: if your company's brand name is Acme Advertising, your sumHR Account URL will be

  • acme.sumhr.com; or
  • acmedadvertising.sumhr.com

If you don't know this URL, you can probably guess it based on the above example. 

However, if you have an active account, you would have received some/several emails from our system by now. Each of these emails has the link to your company's sumHR account. So, go check your inbox and you may find your answer! 

If you're not able to guess this, or find it in your inbox, just send us an email from your official email ID to support[at]sumhr.com - we will help you out.