If the administrator assigns a shift to you, you will start seeing the Clock-In/Out button on your dashboard. Now, from the time you've been assigned a shift, sumHR will expect that you Clock-In and Clock-Out every day.

Depending on the attendance policy defined by your company's sumHR Account Administrator, to count yourself present for a day, you may be required to:

  • Clock In and Clock Out every day
  • Just Clock In (Admin can specify settings to ignore whether there's a Clock-out or not)

So, if you've not Clocked In or Clocked Out for any day, sumHR will count you Absent. 
* this is based on the assumption that you've either forgotten to clock-in/out or you didn't apply for a leave in advance for the absent day

In case you would like to request any modification to this Absent marked day, you can always "Request modification to attendance logs ".