You can find the org structure page - In the left navigation pane, under Directory (3rd link)

Firstly, let's understand "What is the Org Structure in sumHR":

  • When the administrator of your account, goes about creating the different business units, departments, job titles, etc., sumHR intelligently creates a structure of your company, simultaneously
  • This structure is then displayed in the form of an Organizational Structure (or you may call it an Organogram)
  • This Organizational Structure displays the company's structure in a tree-like format. 
  • Here's how we break it down into levels
    • Company comes as the start point
      • Business Units come first, underneath the company (many times, your company might not have Business Units, so may not see anything here - then you'll directly jump to the Departments)
        • Departments come next (every company divides itself into groups based on their primary role/function - called department)
          • Finally, Job Titles come within Departments (each job title has to be mapped to a particular department. It can further mapped to a parent Job Title too, this creates a hierarchy of sorts.)

Apart from the Organization Structure, as your company's Administrator adds employees into the system, each employee is also assigned a "Reporting Manager". This creates what we call - Reporting Hierarchy.
The reporting hierarchy basically shows you:
  • A tree of the entire organizations employees
  • The tree depicts, 'who is reporting to whom', 'what is the chain of reporting', etc.
  • So, it also helps you understand the managerial levels in the company

Using the Org Structure or Reporting Hierarchy:
  • Every item in the tree which is Dark Green in color, has items underneath/within/below them
  • The items colored Light Green are basically the last item in the chain