Ever had a situation where you've wanted to instantly share your thoughts with someone or everyone in your company, but couldn't find a better medium than the email? Or may be you just quickly sent a chat message, but going back to the chat history is a long-cut, no?

This answer should give you a sense of relief, we hope! :)

What is Streams?

  • Streams is your company's private social network. The technical term often used for such a feature is - Enterprise Social Software or Enterprise Social Network (wikipedia definition)
  • It is limited within the boundaries of your company's employees. Which means, only those employees who have access to your company's sumHR account, can use Streams. 
  • No one from outside your company, without a valid sumHR account, can use Streams (or join your company's sumHR account for that matter)

What does Streams do:
  • Streams helps you share information within your organization, or with a group/team of people or even an individual, instantly
  • What's more, you can retrieve this information in future with ease too! Just type to search, and get what you're looking for
  • Streams helps you collaborate with your team mates and let's you streamline communication with everyone in your organization, without burdening your inbox!