The Calendar can become your tool to help plan your day/week/month with reference to things happening in your organization.
By viewing the Calendar:
  • You can know what's in store this day/week/month or in future
  • You can see who else in your team/department/company is on leave
    • This can help you plan your work schedule with them accordingly
  • The company holidays coming up this week/month or in future can also be seen
  • You can also plan in advance for a colleagues birthday or anniversary
  • Also, all the Events scheduled in Streams by your colleagues will be visible there too

The best part is, by clicking on any of the above items, you can directly go to the leave or event to review it further!

Oh and yes, you can use the filter (dropdown) in the Calendar to narrow down the information to yourself, your team or the groups you're part of in Streams. It can't get cooler than this! :)