We love answering this question, because we're confident that after reading it you'll proud of sumHR - we sure do! :)

How does Streams help me?
  • Using Streams, you can:
    • Post an update, link, file, picture, information, announcement
    • Ask a question, or run a poll with multiple options (when people vote on your poll, you get instant results)
    • Schedule an event, party, meeting and invite people to attendance or specify if they may/may not attend (you can instantly see who to expect at this event)
    • You can easily tag each conversation in Streams with identifiers. This can help you search for the message or the information/knowledge in it, any time in future
      • for example: if you post a message today with your team with the tag, "marketing ideas". 
      • A month later, you can search for the tag "marketing ideas" and you will see all messages with this tag
      • possibilities are endless!
What's more, you get the option to choose who do you want to share the above things with - Everyone, a Group of people/team/department or Specific individuals.

Why should you use Streams?
  • During any given day, if your colleagues want to share an idea, or your manager wants to send you some details, or your team wants to communicate en masse with each other - the only tool you mostly use is Email
  • We all know how our inboxes get flooded with long list of unread emails, when the email threads get longer with replies
  • This can often cause some major issues like missing an important email in the clutter, some replies coming out-of-context or not quoting the original message, et al
  • Streams helps eliminate this clutter and give your inbox some breathing space