When you're using Streams for communication and collaboration, you might also feel the need to limit or narrow down the recipients of your message. This is where Groups come in.

What is Groups?

  • Groups is basically a way to 'group' certain people in your organization into 'sets' with labels
  • A group can be for
    • Work group: a Team or a Department (you can also create a group specifically for a Project or Campaign)
    • Interest group: for non-work subjects too - namely, Interest groups. (for example: pet lovers group, or cycling group)

There are 3 types of Groups in Streams:
  1. Public Group: if you create a public group, anyone in your organization can join or leave the group, at will. 
  2. Private Group: whoever creates a private group, controls who joins that group. He/she can either invite individuals or someone can "request" to join the group.
  3. Hidden Group (only for Admins): the admins also have the power to create a hidden group. The hidden group is similar to Private groups, except that it doesn't get listed in the Groups list in Streams. So, no one who's not been invited or accepted into the Hidden group knows about it

How do I create a Group?
  • Go to "Groups" (left navigation, under Collaborate)
  • Click on the Create Group button

  • You will see a popup with options to define the group details
  • There will also be options to choose which type of group you'd like to create

  • Once you've created the group, you can invite people to join the group (in case of Private group)