We get this question every now and then, so here's an explanation about what are Job Titles (Designations) meant for in sumHR.

What is a Job Title (Designation)?

  • As the name suggests, it is the title for a job which the employee is assigned in your company
  • In sumHR too, it means the same - a Job Title given/assigned to an employee profile
  • Though most companies universally refer to it as a Job Title, in some countries it is called Designation.

What is the importance of Job Title in sumHR?
  • The Job Title is the last end of the structure in your Organization. It's the link that connects an employee profile with the Organization Structure (Organogram)
  • When you're adding an employee, the Job Title is a mandatory field
  • Without assigning a Job Title the system will not know where the employee fits into your company's structure

How is the Job Title connected to a Parent Job Title, Departments, Business Units?
  • When creating the company/organization structure in sumHR, you will mostly follow this flow
    • Business Units - create a business unit first, or ignore this option if you don't have multiple business units
      • Departments - under the business unit (if no BU, then directly under the Company), add different departments of your organization.
        • Job Title - when creating/adding Job Titles, you must select the Department under which that Job Title resides. Each Job Title is created within a Department. There cannot be a Department-less Job Title. (even the CEO must be in a Department, something like Management or Corporation, etc)
        • Parent Job Title - while creating the Job Title, you have the option to choose the Parent Job Title under which this Job Title will be. Basically it signifies the superior/reporting Job Title for this Job Title which you are creating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: only if these is a defined link between each of the above, the Org Structure (Organogram) will appear properly. Else everything could appear jumbled up to you. In fact, if not linked properly, the Job Title will not appear in the drop down when you're adding a new employee.

There is no connection between assigning a "Job Title" and assigning a "Reporting Manager"
  • The Job Title is not the same as Reporting Manager, and there is no link between assigning a Parent Job Title and assigning a Reporting Manager
  • You may assign a Job Title CEO to someone, but his/her Reporting Manager could be assigned as the Receptionist! :)

We hope this information has been useful in understanding our concept of Job Title and Organization Structure. If you'd like more info or assistance on this or any other topic, please feel free to contact our support team.