There could be times when companies don't want to keep track of their employees' attendance. Or may be they are using some other method to keep track of time, and need to use only the Leave feature in sumHR. In such situations, you can easily stop or disable the Attendance feature, so that sumHR doesn't keep a check on employee attendance every day.

Attendance features will work only they are linked with employees' profiles.

  • Our attendance features will come into effect only when it is linked or assigned to an employee
  • For instance, if you create a Shift and then assign it to employee(s)/department/location, etc., then those people mentioned will started being monitored for Attendance

In order to stop tracking attendance for any individual(s)/department/office location, you can do either of the following:
  1. Remove them from the "Shift For" field in your Attendance Shifts
  2. In case you don't want to track Attendance across your organization in generally, simply delete all shifts you have created so far. 
Once you have de-assigned or deleted the Shifts, those employees in your organization will no longer see any Attendance logs in their account, and their Dashboard will show a message saying: "Attendance shift not assigned"