When setting up your company, if you are in the middle of a month or year, besides the leaves data you might also want to import Attendance records of employees in bulk. This will help you update all employees' attendance records/logs in sumHR even from the past when you were not using sumHR. 

Using our Bulk Import Attendance feature, you can easily import a .CSV file (template attached here) with all the required data and upload it into sumHR.Of course, before importing any leaves, you will have to create your Attendance shifts and assign them to employees in the system.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Setup Company (under Manage, left navigation lower half)



  • Under the Import Section, click on "Attendance"


  • On this page, Download the template CSV File (for your convenience,it's attached in this answer too)
  • Fill out the template with the following fields


    • Employee email ID
    • In Date 
    • In Time 
    • Out Date
    • Out Time
  • Preferred date format: dd/mm/yyyy & Preferred time formats: hh:mm or hh:mm:ss
  • It is very important that you mention all the required info accurately, in the mentioned formats. 
  • Once filled, click on browse and upload this .CSV file from your computer
  • After uploading this sheet, sumHR will show you a preview of the uploaded data. You can then define which column goes where, ignore unwanted columns, and ensure everything is as you require.
  • Once you're sure, click Submit

Once successfully imported successfully, the Attendance data for all employees will reflect in their respective Attendance pages.

Friendly Tip: if you're creating the .CSV file in MS Excel, once you have saved the final copy - open this CSV file in a Notepad/Editplus program BEFORE uploading into sumHR. 

IMPORTANT NOTEWe recommend that you coordinate with our support team when executing this process, unless you are double sure about the steps you're taking. This will help reduce errors and avoid any complications with your account later.