Every country has certain fixed days in their calendar which are commonly observed as Holidays for its citizens. Just the same way, companies residing in those countries will also be required to give their employees a Holiday on those days. In addition, the company might have its own special days, which it plans to give as Holidays to its employees. 

All these types of Holidays, which are fixed in nature, defined in advance and have specific calendar days allotted to them are call - National/Public Holidays in sumHR.

Depending on which region of the world you're coming from, this concept may have different names such as:

a) Shutdown Dates

b) Public Holidays

c) Festival Days

d) Bank Holidays

e) National Holidays

Irrespective of what you call them, the meaning remains the same in sumHR. So, if your company follows any list of Holidays like this, go see How to set the official list of Holidays for your company in sumHR .