The Compensatory Off policy in sumHR can be created using the basic steps as follows:

  • Click on the Setup Company in the left navigation pane.

  • Click on the  "Compensatory Off"  link under the Leaves tab

  • Once the Compoff Page Loads there will be a "dropdown" where one needs to specify whether Compensatory off needs to be enabled or disabled.

  • Once you click on enabled the Compensatory Off form will be visible.

  • The descriptions of the various fields in the form are as follows:                  

  1. Applicable for :  This field is used for specifying for which Department,Office location and Employee Type the "Compoff"  should be applicable.
  2. Applicable on:  This field is used for specifying whether the the "Compoff" rules should be applicable for Holidays,Weekly offs or both.
  3. Min Hours Required:  This is used to specify the exact number of hours an employee needs to complete in order to have a "Compoff" credited to to his leaves.
  4. 1 day Compoff will be credited when(Radio Button):  This radio button is used to specify whether the numbers of working hours to be completed by an employee should be restricted to a single day or can it be split up for more than one day.
  5. Comp-Off earned will lapse after how many days:  This is used to specify that if a "Compoff" is earned by an employee and if it is unused  then it should lapse after how many days.If the value is kept blank then the "Compoff" which is earned will never lapse at all. 
  6. Maximum Leaves allowed in a month:  This is used to specify exactly how many "Compoff" leave applications can an employee do in a single month.
  7. Maximum Consecutive Leaves allowed in a month: This will specify the number of times consecutive "Compoff" leave applications can be taken by an employee.

  8. Allow half day leaves:  This specifies whether half day leave application in "CompOff" will be allowed or not.

  • After All the above fields have been specified please click on the SAVE button to submit the results.