When a company wants to monitor the presence of Employees at work every day, it generally outlines a set of rules, guidelines or policies to explain their "expectations" regarding office attendance. These policies or rules which govern the working of attendance monitoring, will be called as Attendance Policy(ies) of the company. 

Most companies generally want regular attendance and punctuality amongst their workforce, as these are essential for the smooth operations of the company. An Attendance policy tries to explain or outline how the company would treat the employee's attendance in office, with reference to adherence of rules and their violations. Broadly speaking, the following 3 aspects are covered in most attendance policies

  • Default expectations of marking their entry and exit from office daily
  • Late marking rules, regarding coming late (beyond defined shift start timing)
  • Any penalty/deductions that would be applicable on instances of policy violations

It's important to note here that "Policies" include the shift timings but they're both not the same. To learn more about Attendance shifts, you should go here.