What are Shifts & what is Shift Work?

Shifts are a pre-defined/set periods of time during which different groups of workers/employees perform their work duty or take up their work posts at their office/factory/work area. Dividing a day into shifts in order to make maximum/optimum use of the 24 hours in a day, is called Shift Work. 

Depending on the type of work or organization, companies may or may not use the full 24 hours to define shifts. Some companies are required to stay open for business 24 hours, make maximum use of Shift Work practices. However, most other companies simply divide their typical day in business hours and allow shifts within those hours to different groups of employees in their organization.

For more technical and theoretical information regarding Shifts and Shift Work, you can go check the Wikipedia post

What is the concept of Shifts in sumHR?

In sumHR, shifts are basically specified slots of time which are designated as official work/duty hours for an employee. These slots have a "Shift Begin Time" and a "Shift End Time", and may/may not have a Grace Time in cases for employees coming in late for work/duty. 

Attendance Shifts are unique and separate from the Attendance Policies and the Weekly Offs that might be followed in the company. So, each shift is independent of the Policies or the Weekly-Offs that might be assigned to the employee.

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