Before we get into "how to create Weekly Off cycles", we need to remember 2 import points mentioned below:

  1. Weekly Offs are assigned at user level (i.e. employee level). 
    This means: You can create unlimited number of Weekly Off cycles, but each Weekly Off cycle will function only when it is "assigned to the desired/required employee". If a Weekly Off cycle is created but not assigned, it's as good as a week with 7 Mondays! :)
  2. Editing an existing Weekly Off cycle, will affect ALL employees who're already assigned that Cycle
    This means: You are allowed to edit any existing Weekly Off cycle at any time, but always keep in mind that any changes to the Cycle will affect the employees who're already assigned that Weekly Off(s).

Follow the below instructions to create Weekly Off cycles:

  • Go to Setup Company under Administration section in your left navigation pane
  • Under Company section, click on Weekly Off
  • On this page, click on Create Weekly Off Button
  • Now you'll see the Weekly Off Cycle Form, which let's you define your Weekly Offs.

Below steps will help you define a Weekly Off cycle:

  • Weekly Off Name: a unique name given to the Weekly Off cycle. You should keep a name that will help you identify the Cycle in future and also make it easy to assign it to the right employees.
  • Description: any extra information you would like to keep note of which can help in future reference for you and for employees.
  • Non Working Days (Weekly Offs): here you must select the days which will be the weekly off (non-working days of the week). As you may notice:
    • there's a list of all the 7 days of the week from - Sunday to Saturday
    • If you wish to keep any of these days as an Off in this particular cycle, please check that box next to Day.
    • once you check the box, you'll notice the [drop-down] which provides you with a lot of combinations/options to customize your Weekly Off(s).
      *We've used "Saturday" as an example to explain each of the combination/options:
      • All - all Saturdays of the month
      • Odd (1st, 3rd, & 5th too if any) - only the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month (and the 5th Saturday, if the month has one)
      • Even (2nd, 4th) - only the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
      • Last Day - only the last Saturday of the month
      • First Day - only the first Saturday of the month
      • Second Day - only the second Saturday of the month
      • Third Day - only the third Saturday of the month
      • Fourth Day - only the fourth Saturday of the month
      • Fifth Day - only the Fifth Saturday of the month
      • Alternate - alternate Saturdays only, starting from the 1st Saturday of the year.
  • Now click the SUBMIT Button to save this Weekly Off Cycle

NOTE: here you are just creating the Weekly Off cycle, but not assigning it. To assign this Weekly Off cycle, you need to go check: How do I assign Weekly Off cycles to employee?