In order to create a custom field for your employee profile, you need to follow the below 3 quick steps

  • Go to Setup Company (left navigation, under Manage)

  • Click on "Create Fields" under Custom fields.

  • Various fields for creating custom fields are as follows:-
    • For: there will be 2 options employee and company.Specify whether the custom field should be visible to a particular employee or the company.
    • Name: In the next column specify the name of field which you wish to PAN no, Passport no.
    • Type: specify the type of field it should be i.e dropdown, textfield etc.
    • Required field: will specify whether this field is mandatory or not.
    • Display in: it will specify under which tab should the field appear in the employee profile page i.e it should appear in personal tab or contact tab.


  • Once all the above operations have been performed click on Submit button to save your settings.

The required custom field will be created and visible on employee profile page. You can whether it's displaying properly as per your settings, by logging into an employee's account or viewing an employee's profile yourself.